Anti-microbial Medium in the Medical Arena

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Medical USES

Reduced Electrolyzed Water (REW) as an Anti-microbial Medium

in the Medical Arena

(2.5pH being produced by most of our Enagic – Kangen Water Machines)

The most relevant application of REW is in the area of disinfection.  REW, a non-chemical, user-friendly, environmentally-safe and highly-efficacious medium addresses many, if not all, of today’s concerns in disinfection.

Reduced Electrolyzed Water, a byproduct based upon a process of electrolyte separation and restructuring, provides a refreshingly new, natural-based medium, that is superior to many of the current anti-microbial medium utilized in the areas of microbial and viral control.

In the hospital environments, numerous situations of MRSA or Staph infections have caused ongoing concerns to the safety and welfare of hospital patients and caregivers.

REW provides a highly-efficient medium to control and eradicate these concerns, at a minimal cost, while creating economic dividends resulting from the areas of microbial safety, potentially lower health care costs and insurance premiums. (See here Scientific research studies results)  The reassurance in the ability of maintaining the economic viability of an organization or institution from reliable and efficacious, microbe-free environments and products cannot be understated

REW  is seen as a highly effective hand washing medium. Due to it’s properties, REW helps nourish the skin, as opposed to many alcohol based products which dry and crack the skin, thus compounding the infection issue.

REW technology offers a safe, chemical free alternative to abrasive liquids, detergents, and soaps.

Over the past twenty years or so, in Japan, more and more emphasis has been put on the REW, and it’s antimicrobial properties.  It is now used extensively to treat wounds, burns, bedsores, and diabetic ulcers.  Skin issues such as atopic dermatitis, exzema, and acne are also treated with REW

Due to REWs’ ability to kill the virulent MRSA bacteria, (See Test Analysis Results showing 2.5pH from Enagic Super501 Kangen water machine Killing MRSA Virus)  it is used extensively as an alternative to chemical based cleaning products, and is now in common use to clean floors, surfaces, and medical and surgical equipment

With MRSA and other infectious bacterial strains such as Clostridium Difficile on the rise, REW is certainly a viable and highly efficient responsible alternative.

Please take a look at this video:

Please take a look at  this video segment from NHK Japan television which shows some of the medical applications.


This is a list of Japanese hospitals currently using REW in numerous applications:

Japanese Hospital Listings 1

Japanese Hospital Listings 2

Japanese Hospital Listings 3

Japanese Hospital Listings 4

Japanese Hospital Listings 5

We trust that this information will help you to understand the science and technology behind this remarkable medical breakthrough, and that this will enable you to recognize the benefits of using this incredible water.


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