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DLCD.L.C. Oceanside Business Equipment Leasing Program


Starting NOW, commercial enterprises can lease an Enagic machine that produces the clearest, purest, and best-tasting water on the planet!

Here is a brief overview of the new Enagic Business Leasing Program (in partnership with DLC Oceanside).

If you would like a more detailed view of the entire process, please see this flow chart.

  1. Enagic Independent Distributor provides Business Leasing customer with the Leasing Packet (the links are below) for the respective region (US or Canada).
  2. Business Leasing customer completes and signs the entire packet.
  3. Business Leasing customer sends the one-page Lease Application form (marked Culver Capital or DLC) to DLC.
  4. Business Leasing customer sends all other completed forms to Enagic. DO NOT INCLUDE LEASE APPLICATION FORM.
  5. DLC will notify Business Leasing customer whether their lease has been approved or denied.
  6. Once Enagic has been notified of an approved lease by DLC, the machine(s) will be shipped to the Business Leasing customer.

Leasing requirements:

  • USA lease applications of $5,000 or more will receive the best rate.
  • Lease applicants in the USA under $5,000 will incur a higher rate. Please include soft costs i.e. filters, enhancers, and deep cleanings.
  • As of Jan 1, 2012, all lease applications in the USA under $10,000 must be accompanied by a credit report with a credit score of at least 650.
  • DLC prefers all Canada lease applicants to have a credit score of 650.
  • Canadian applicants with lower scores can often achieve funding.
    • Note: Financial institutes apply higher rates to those applicants with lower scores. In Canada DLC offers A, B, and C funders.
  • Canadian customers can apply online at www.sandiverley.ca,

Leasing Packets

us Lease Program Application USA
View/download form

ca Lease Program Application Canada
View/download form

Checklist of Enagic forms that need to be submitted to Enagic:

  • Lease Cover Sheet
  • Return Policy
  • Distributor Agreement
  • SS-4 form Response Letter OR Articles of Incorporation
  • W-9
  • Maintenance Guide
  • Agreement for Business Lessees
  • Optional:
    Supply Order Form for USA or Canada

Email all Enagic forms to lease@enagic.com

Or Fax to: 310.542.1700.
(Please use the Lease Cover Sheet if faxing the forms.)

Email or Fax lease applications to Sandi Verley at:

Sandi-DLC@shaw.ca in the USA or
SVerley@dominionlending.ca for Canada or
Fax to 1(888) 830-5332

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